Kosovo Route 6 Motorway Project

Ministry of Infrastructure Kosovo


Slope Support Consultancy Work:

The Kosovo Route 6 Motorway Project is a 60km long motorway stretching from Pristina to Kosovo’s southern border with North Macedonia. Construction is currently being completed. The
motorway follows along steep hills and valleys formed of gneiss and marble. The gneiss in particular ranges from medium to completely weathered. The residual soils, in combination with high
water saturation, are prone to many slope stability issues in vicinity of the motorway, but also at slopes where no construction has taken place.

Gall Zeidler Consultants (GZ) are acting as consultants on the project to independently review slope stability scenarios and support measures and to provide recommendations and concepts.

This included analyses of embankments, pile walls, anchored slope supports and bridge pier protections. The services also include site visits, review and optimization of existing and designed slope support for optimization and improvement, optioneering, potential failure analyses, and analyses of existing slope failures.

Sept. 2017– Present
Slope Support for Motorway
60km Total
Varying weathered Gneiss and marble
Est. €650m
Bechtel Enka GP JV
Ministry of Infrastructure, Kosovo