Modern Urban Tunnelling – Responding to Social Needs

Synopsis: Urban Tunnelling requires handling of a wide range of ground conditions and multiple challenges generated by work access constraints, … Read more »

Conventional Tunneling in Urban Areas

Synopsis: Conventional tunneling as defined by ITA’s Working Group 19 is often referred to as New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM); … Read more »

The Gateway Program – The Hudson River Tunnel Project in New York, New Jersey

Synopsis: The Northeast Corridor (NEC) represents one of the most heavily traversed regions in the United States. Between Amtrak and … Read more »

3D Numerical Parametric Study of the Influence of Open-Pit Mining Sequence on Existing Tunnels

Synopsis: The development of open-pit mines can adversely affect and even damage existing access tunnels. To ensure the safety and … Read more »

Conventional Tunneling in Difficult Grounds

Synopsis: Conventional tunneling as defined by ITA’s Working Group 19 is being used more and more in difficult grounds. This … Read more »

Recent Trends in Conventional Tunneling (SEM/NATM) in the US

Synopsis: Conventional tunneling as defined by ITA WG19 is also known as the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) or Sequential … Read more »

Innovative Rehabilitation Approach for Overstressed Existing Linings Using an Adaptable Yielding Support System

Synopsis: Yielding support systems for application in underground construction have a long history, primarily in mining. Typical examples are tunnels … Read more »

Design and Construction Aspects of Pneumatically Applied Concrete Final Tunnel Linings.

Synopsis: The East Side Access Project (ESA) involves the construction of geometrically complex underground structures including a large number of … Read more »

Urban Tunneling: The Vauxhall Underground Station Upgrade, SEE Tunnel – Promoting Tunneling in SE European Region

Synopsis: The Vauxhall Station Upgrade project is currently under construction in London, UK by Bechtel Ltd. (Bechtel) as the main … Read more »

Large cross sections for soft ground and soft rock conventional tunneling projects in urban areas – recent developments in the US

Synopsis: With the demand for tunnels growing, especially in urban areas, the ability to construct these tunnels without disrupting congested … Read more »